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Me and my pottery
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Dear children and parents


Working with clay can be both exciting and satisfying for young and old. Exciting because of creating something completely new from one's imagination and satisfying as one progresses towards completion.
Using a flat slab of clay you can make a name plaque for your house or flat and decorate it using emblems that are special to you and your family.
Also try making a 3-D object using rolled strips of clay. Decorate the vase with attractive engraved decoration. I supply all the tools. All you need is some imagination and your hands and of course an apron. Just try and your pot will grow.
Throwing pots on the pottery wheel has a long tradition. Is it not easy and I provide the necessary tips and tricks so that anyone can make small bowls or vases after a few hours of practice. Patience is the most important quality that you should have.
All pots are fired to 920°, after which they can be glazed and refired to 1270°C. I can glaze them for you or you can try this yourself,(although I don't recommend this for children).
If you feel the urge to be creative then work together with your children and make wonderful pottery. All your high-fired pots can be used for food and drink and be washed in the dish washer.

Hours are usually from 9 to 12 a.m. but afternoons are also possible.
Phone to arrange a date if you already have a group.

Children - 18€ per person

The first firing and one glazed and fired work is included in the course price. Additional glazed pots cost 7€ each or 9€ per kg for pots over 1kg
Please phone if you would like to take part: Tel. No. 02256 82155 or send a mail

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Pottery courses for adults
Spring 2021

Erwachsenenkurse Erwachsenenkurse1 Erwachsenenkurse2
You have staying power and are reasonably patient!   You always wanted to learn how to make pots on the pottery wheel?!
You are a creative person!   You enjoy shaping and building things!
You are practical!   You like making presents for yourself and others!
Together we shall transform your ideas into attractive and practical pottery. I offer a selection of clays - firing white and brown. These clays are also called stoneware. They fire to 1270°C.

The various glazes that I use will make your pottery look particularly good. If you wish you can also try glazing. If quick drying is possible, then you could glaze your work at the end of the week, otherwise a later date will be arranged for glazing the work.

Spring 2021
I am waiting for the lockdown to end, then I will suggest several dates for pottery workshops, probably in May.


Each participant will have plenty of space in the pottery.

Dates can be arranged for at least 4 participants.  



Price: 100€ per day including first firing.  
Glaze firing costs: 7€ for pots under 1kg and 9€ per kg for pots over 1kg.

Please call me if you are interested - 02256 82155
If you come by train I can collect you with the car from Leobersdorf.

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Voucher Abstandhalter You would like to give your friend or someone in your family a day working on their creative ideas making pottery. I can supply a voucher covering just the creative day and costing 100€ .